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Beauty and the Geek Nip Slip, Oops!


Show Background: The premise of the show consists of a group of "Beauties" (young women who have relied primarily on their looks and are intellectually inept) and a group of "Geeks" (young men who have relied primarily on intellect and are socially inept) who are paired up to compete as couples for a shared $250,000 and other prizes.

Useless: A Finnish version of the show, Kaunotar ja nörtti (The Beauty and The Nerd) started at September 4, 2005 on MTV3. The show was filmed in Estonia.

Dirty Tribute to Jessica Burciaga

Jessica Burciaga was selected to be Playboy's February 2009 Playmate of the Month. So here are some nice pictures of the beauty model.

Useless: Currently a spokesmodel for Hot Import Nights and 2007 Miss Copa Swimwear, Burciaga can also be seen at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.

Megan Fox Sexiest Pictures Ever


Useless: Megan Fox has been outspoken in her self-identification as a bisexual. In a frank interview with GQ Magazine, Fox said that she fell in love with a female stripper when she was eighteen and used the experience to illustrate her belief that "...all humans are born with the ability to be attracted to both sexes."

Dirty Photoshoot: Suelyn Medeiros

On May 14, 1986 in New York City an ambitious sweet exotic beauty called Suelyn Medeiros daughter of Brazilian parents was born. Living most of her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she returned to the U.S to follow her big dream of becoming a doctor. Despite all the advice from friends and strangers that she should not put to waist her spontaneous personality and unique beauty and should become a Model.

Suelyn not seeing modeling as a potential career continued to go after her dreams. In 2005 Suelyn was invited by a friend to participate in a fashion show at fashion week in NYC and there she was scouted by an agency. She began to do photo shoots and book countless jobs. Soon modeling was no longer seen as a hobby it became a career option. Suelyn was intrigued by the charming magical world of fashion.

No longer ignoring her possible star quality with her drive, and strive to succeed in something that became a new challenge Suelyn worked hard and in a little less than two years she has been on covers, various magazine spreads, swimwear catalogs, lingerie catalogs, clothing and beauty ad campaigns with the most recent L’Oreal Ad. Her interest in acting has landed her in Music videos, Commercials, TV Shows and two movies on the works. This is just her beginning and there is no stopping her.

Audrina Patridge Got Boobs AND Maxim Magazine

It's a good thing that Audrina Patridge got herself some boobs, or else she wouldn't be on this site. Yeah, and she prolly wouldn't be in the November issue of Maxim magazine either. But bless her for it.

Useless: 'The Hills'

Red Carpet Buttaface: Vida Guerra

A buttaface is a woman that has pretty hands, feet, legs, BUT HER FACE is straight jacked up; hence the word, buttaface. Oh yeah, she also has nice boobies. Lovely looking in that black dress. Vida Guerra is what a Cuban-born American model should look like.

Useless: The July 2006 issue of Playboy featured the first formal nude photos of Guerra. Part of her motivation for posing for the magazine, she said, was the camera phone incident; she wanted people to see what she really looked like naked.[

Somaya Reece Get a Puppy

If puppy means sploodge, then yeah, she got a puppy. Named the number 3 Latina in music behind Shakira and Christina Aguilera in the August 2006 issue of "Maxim en Español." Reece is a hip hop girl.

Keeley Hazell Halloween Costume 2008

Everybody loves Keeley Hazell, especially in a witch costume. Well, a witch hat. Maybe she can be the invisible woman for next year.

Useless: Three cast sculptures were made of Keeley's bust by sculptor Leigh Heppell. Two are in the Sun offices and one is in her house.

NSFW photos here.

Introducing Dirty Azzareya Crystal Curtis

Azzareya Crystal Curtis of African, Egyptian and Brazilian descent; wow, that's a lot of decents. They all came together nicely I'd say. Azzareya has been all around the hip hop world, and she is now breaking into the net.

Occupation: sexy hip hop model/exotic dancer

How long will she last?

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