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Dirty Tongue Megan Fox Has

Is that cocaine on Megan Fox's tongue?

Fox has openly stated that she's taken drugs saying that, "I've done drugs, and that's how I know I don't like them.", saying that she'd "tried several things" in order to "make an informed decision" but that she "didn't enjoy anything other than marijuana.". Fox also said that "Cocaine is back with a vengeance ... Celebrities aren't trying to hide it, except when people have camera phones," and commenting that "I know about five people who aren't on drugs today, and I'm one of them."

More pics this way...

Useless Image:

Fox at the premiere of Transformers:Revenge of the Fallen in Berlin, Germany June 2009

Dirty Daily Tribute to Hot Women

Useless Info: Womanhood is the period in a female's life after she has transitioned from girlhood, at least physically, having passed the age of menarche. Many cultures have rites of passage to symbolize a woman's coming of age, such as confirmation in some branches of Christianity, bat mitzvah in Judaism, or even just the custom of a special celebration for a certain birthday (generally between 12 and 21).

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